The Management of Frontline Fundraising (MFF)

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The Managers of Frontline Fundraising (MFF) is a five-month program designed to equip managers with the performance-based skills to more effectively manage their frontline direct reports to generate greater fundraising yields.

By building on the foundational methodology and skills gained in the DFF program, managers work in collaboration with Plus Delta to develop detailed individual skill assessments,  professional development plans, and coaching skills to maximize the performance of their direct report fundraisers.

Managers improve their own abilities to help their direct reports leverage their talents, build their skills and focus their efforts for greater results.

  • Ability to assess, train and develop staff productivity
  • More compelling and effective donor, staff and Dean/faculty communications
  • A reliable and scalable fundraising process reinforced by managerial behaviors


A series of workshops form the basis of learning and application of new thinking and skills for managers.

Workshops include:

1. The Donor Engagement Process
2. The Basis of Qualification
3. Fundraising Priority Impact Statements
4. Shortening Solicitation Cycles
5. Coaching and Developing Gift Officers
6. Evaluating Gift Officers
7. Enhanced Cultivation
8. Portfolio Management
9. Effective Prospect Strategy and Coaching Sessions
10. Performance Management
11. Role Play – Putting it All Together
12. Balancing the Institutional Development Ecosystem

Timing and Duration – 5-Month Engagement Cycle


For information about fundraising workshops call:
(760) 845-4710 or email