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Improve donor satisfaction and fundraising yields by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of frontline fundraisers working in institutional advancement divisions

Client Value Proposition

Raise more money faster

Core Values

  • We are motivated to improve and professionalize fundraising through skill-building and sustainable behavior change
    – Coaching, versus “training”, is essential to skill-building and sustainable behavior change
  • Professional humility and not taking ourselves too seriously makes us more effective with our clients and each other
  • Work / life balance – Work can and should be fun, and time to disconnect and recharge is essential
  • Forthright diplomacy – Transparency and radical honesty generate a higher quality outcome

Our Perspective

We believe that:

  • An essential balance between the relationship and business elements of giving defines effective philanthropic relationships, and responsibility for establishing and maintaining that balance rests with gift officers.
  • Skill building through a combination of group working sessions and individual coaching over a period of time is the most effective way to ensure fundraising performance improvement.
  • Making immediate practical linkages between fundraising concepts and specific actions is essential for gift officers to sustainably change their behaviors.
  • Even the best fundraisers can improve.
  • That by equipping underperforming gift officers with a repeatable methodology, communication and facilitation skills their results can improve measurably.
  • High-performing development organizations establish a performance-based culture of fundraising defined by a common vocabulary, donor engagement process and accountability.