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1. Do you have a core curriculum that you believe is important to all fundraisers or is it customized or tailored to each institution?

We do have a core curriculum for both frontline fundraisers and frontline managers which is then customized at up to three levels – university, unit, and individual.  Each engagement starts with a pre-engagement on-site meeting whereby the institutional and unit customization takes place.  In addition, each participants takes a DISC inventory to assess their working style which plays into the coaching customization.

2. Why are the engagements over a several month period?

Modeling from adult learning theory, we have designed our workshops to build knowledge and skills over the life of the engagement. This is accomplished through the introduction of foundational content through the first 2 sessions, provision of tools and exercises for their application in the remaining sessions, reinforcement through individual coaching and feedback, and role-play scenarios to ensure mastery.  Each session builds upon the previous and allows time for incremental practice and implementation.  We spend time reviewing what was learned to date and making connections to the new material to support a wholistic approach to donor engagement.

3. Are these done in-house or are they specific “public” courses.

The workshops are all done in-house and on-campus.  The individual coaching calls take place either on the phone or in-person around the time of the on-campus workshop.

4. What type of fundraisers does the program serve?  Do you have a curriculum that is good for the new fundraiser?  What is the right level of experience?

Within our core curriculum many of the examples, tools, and methods we coach around are geared toward the new fundraiser.  Others are geared toward more seasoned fundraisers.  We have compelling examples and testimonials from both groups on the benefits they have experienced from their participation.

5. How do you know it is effective?  How do you measure it?

At the pre-engagement customization meeting the consultant and the institution collaboratively agree on what is to be measured.  To show effectiveness and sustainability, we collect data from the fiscal years prior, during, and after the engagement.

6. How do you make it sustainable?

The sustainable changed behaviors is in part a product of the group workshops and individual coaching that takes place over an extended period of time.  With each service we offer, we meet regularly with the managers to ensure consistent messaging, assess processes and procedures and inform management practices that reinforce the curriculum and individual learning opportunities.  90% of our clients continue with some level of engagement to ensure competency building and muscle memory.  Additionally we offer Management of Frontline Fundraising (MFF) training services that develops the managers and coaches them on how to train and develop their teams accordingly; thereby disseminating the skills and competencies to a broader group of fundraisers.  Our Development Program Enhancements also offer more institutional consistency around the culture of fundraising which reinforces its sustainability.

7. What is the research basis for your programs?

Our solutions are grounded in research on learning organizations and involve active co-development on the part of our clients to align with their institutions learning and development strategies.  We use the ADDIE model – Analysis, Design, Develop, Implementation, and Evaluation – both in creating and delivering our curriculum.  The objectives need to be very specific so they are easily measured and our focus is on both the way you alter behaviors as well as the depth to which one understands why those behaviors are advantageous.

8. Why should we hire you as opposed to doing this work ourselves?

We bring a best in class methodology that’s been developed with dozen of institutions and hundreds of gift officers.  Recognizing that managers must also focus on managing the organization and their own portfolios, we offer dedicated bandwidth focused only on developing your team’s skills.  Additionally, we bring an objective, 3rd party perspective to the “change management” aspect of resetting skills, culture, and expectations.