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loyalmtEngagement Highlights

  • Increased major gifts closed by 20% in 2008 over 2007
  • Established a common set of prospect engagement and qualification standards across the front line fundraisers that contributed to more efficient portfolio management.



Build a sustainable major gifts engine to achieve campaign objectives in an environment that had traditionally been focused on a narrow base of principal gift donors.

LMU’s fundraising leadership knew that they needed to broaden the donor base at the major gift level in order to reduce reliance on historically generous donations at the principal gift level.  Their strategy was to move more annual fund donors up the ladder to major gifts, to more rigorously qualify and effectively cultivate six-figure-rated prospects who had yet to make a first substantial gift to LMU, and to re-engage one-time major gift donors who had grown distant from the institution.

Front line fundraisers at LMU had a range of experience and backgrounds and consequently varied approaches to accomplishing unit-specific and university-wide fundraising objectives.


Plus Delta’s program for front-line fundraisers gave the major gift, corporate and foundation relations and annual fund teams the tools they needed to build strong relationships and close more gifts.  Developing the teams’ skills around Plus Delta’s methodology allowed the gift officers to be more intentional and direct in the way they engaged donors, and enabled donors to better understand and participate in the philanthropic process.

Major giving increased by 20% in fiscal 2008 over fiscal 2007 and LMU is on track to successfully complete their $480 million campaign in May of 2012.  The institution has established a broad donor base and a growing culture of philanthropy among its constituents that will likely carry on into the next campaign.

“Plus Delta Partner’s guidance was instrumental in helping me raise over $500K my first year here, and helping a whole slew of colleagues make remarkable strides in their own fund development goals.”

Edgar Aguirre, Director of Development