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NC State first engaged Plus Delta Partners in 2015 during the silent phase of its $1.6 billion “Think and Do the Extraordinary” campaign. The university sought to create a common culture of major gift fundraising among staff members in central development and 16 independent colleges and programs. Since 2015, forty-nine of NC State’s gift officers have participated in Plus Delta Partners’ Discipline of Frontline Fundraising (DFF) program. NC State is now well on its way to a record breaking campaign, having raised 75% of its goal with only a quarter of the public phase completed.


  • $8.5 million in incremental gift revenue raised by DFF program participants.
  • Sustainable behavior changes among participants that are yielding cross-unit collaboration, the use of a common fundraising process and a shared vocabulary among all frontline fundraisers.


  • Moving from a highly decentralized development operation to an integrated culture in which multiple units could better collaborate in a donor-centric environment.
  • With new leadership, the university sought to build a more consistent approach to fundraising that would yield higher conversion rates and larger gift amounts.
  • Helping gift officers to be more direct and intentional in Qualification.


  • The most recent cohort of 9 gift officers (July 2017–March 2018) raised an additional $8.5 million, representing an 8,400% return on investment for NC State. This sum represents gifts that would not have happened, would have taken much longer to close, or would have closed at lower amounts.
  • 89% of participating gift officers reported “significant” or “transformational” improvement in their ability to reach fundraising goals as a result of skills, competencies, and coaching gained through Plus Delta.
  • Increased internal collaboration through shared process and vocabulary resulted in regional major gift officers and unit-based officers partnering to close one 7-figure gift benefitting multiple programs and the identification and qualification of a previously unknown 8-figure prospect.
  • Gift officers gained the confidence and tools to raise prospects’ sights by building conviction around mutually desired outcomes. In one case, this meant an 800% increase over the original, intended ask amount.

“Training and professional development for frontline fundraisers has been and continues to be critical to NC State’s success, especially during our current campaign. Our partnership with Plus Delta has proven to be extremely valuable in terms of individual results and organizational cohesiveness. Their personal, hands-on, tactical approach has been effective with both experienced and new fundraisers, reinforcing fundamental principles and building better behaviors throughout every step of the donor cycle. When it comes to development training there are many options out there; I consider Plus Delta among the very best and well worth the investment.”

Brian C. Sischo
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
NC State University