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Our Approach

With a focus on competency building versus traditional point-in-time training, our approach is intended to permanently influence the behavior of fundraising professionals through regular interactions that focus on the practical application of a consistent process and effective tools.  By leveraging group working sessions, embedded one-on-one coaching and an iteratively developed curriculum that includes direct application to individuals’ portfolios we are able to sustainably improve the performance of frontline development teams.

We coach new thinking and new behaviors that allow talented gift officers and managers to qualify more efficiently, maximize donor giving, shorten solicitation cycle times and contribute to an institutionally shared culture of fundraising.

Our Programs

Depending on the professional development opportunities and infrastructure of the organization, there are several programs to choose from or combine: for all frontline fundraisers, for managers, and for institutional partners in the fundraising process.

The Discipline of Frontline Fundraising (DFF)

A 10-month training and coaching engagement for frontline fundraisers at all levels and experience.

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The Management of Frontline Fundraising (MFF)

A 5-month training and coaching engagement equips frontline fundraising manages with advance management skills and builds their competency in using those skills to deliver sustainable fundraising growth in their teams.

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Development Program Enhancements

In combination with the DFF or MFF, customized programs for Deans, other academic leaders, institutional volunteers and annual fund staff instill a shared culture of fundraising in all fundraising partners.

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