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Created to broaden the benefits of the shared culture of fundraising established by the DFF and/or MFF programs, these customized services have been added to integrate and develop other institutional fundraising partners that are integral to a successful fundraising process.

Academic Leader’s Program

With Deans, Directors and faculty playing a crucial role in the fundraising process, both for the institution and the donors, this series of workshops and two-on-one strategy sessions combine the academic leader with the unit’s principle fundraiser to impart a deeper understanding of the fundraising and facilitate a shared and consistent approach to donor cultivation and solicitation.  The specific make-up of the program is determined in collaboration with the institution based on their own needs analysis.  Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Giving Formula and Donor Engagement Process
  • Facilitating Effective Prospect Strategy Meetings
  • Building and Communicating Unit Vision and Priority Specific Initiatives
  • Effective Donor Cultivation and Engagement

Volunteer Program

Volunteers such as Board members, campaign cabinets and regional campaign committees play an important role in every stage of the Donor Engagement Process – from identification through stewardship.  Developed specifically for each institution, programs are available to train institutional volunteers on the fundraising process and facilitate collaborative staff/volunteer interactions and a consistent and shared experience for the donors.  Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Giving Formula and Donor Engagement Process
  • Volunteer Integration into the Donor Engagement Process
  • Volunteer Roles and Testimonials
  • Enhanced Volunteer and Staff Collaboration
  • Facilitating Effective Prospect Strategy Meetings

Discipline of Frontline Fundraising for Annual Fund Program

Annual Fund staff can be among the first frontline gift officers to encounter prospects and begin the qualification process.  Recognizing that annual fund donors are the pipeline to major, principal, and planned gifts, having a shared experience throughout their philanthropic tenure with the organization begins with the annual fund staff.  This 4-month program, modeled off of the DFF program, combines workshops and coaching calls to increase the fundraising capacity of the annual fund staff and develop their skills in effectively qualifying and cultivating the various types of philanthropic relationships that a donor can have with the organization.

Workshops include:

1. The Donor Engagement Process
2. Annual Fund Impact Statements – Participation and Increased Giving
3. The Basis of Qualification and Enhanced Cultivation
4. Role plays – putting it all together

For information about fundraising workshops call:
(760) 845-4710 or email